Live-streaming marketing

From Chinese marketing practices to the newest business trends in China and our own projects, CBCE is excited to share with you all the insights!

KOLs? KOCs? C2M? Who is Li Jiaqi (李佳琦)? In our posts, we will explore Chinese-marketing concepts and other key features of a booming Chinese e-commerce market.

Let’s start with some basics. E-commerce in China is not only about purchasing. For tech-savvy Chinese consumers, it is also about entertainment. They crave for immersive experiences and personalised recommendations then just ads on social platforms. That🚀 It is definitely a 2020 e-commerce trend in China!

Some key facts:
✅Live-streaming sales reached 61 billion CNY in 2019
✅By the end of 2020 the number is expected to double
✅Perfect Diary, a Chinese cosmetic brand, earned $141 million in just 13 min! Can you believe it?

Bit by bit, we will cover all the main features of live-streaming, stay tuned!

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