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In the past 18 years, we have accomplished numerous cross-continent projects, here are a few examples.

Case 3 - Entry Strategy

A European education company got interested in the Chinese market to introduce their online education products. It usually requires getting market reports, which are quite expensive and time-consuming. CBCE helped them get to know the market better in an innovative way - talking to insider program. Besides, we also developed a tailor-made strategy for them to land in China and introduced the company to potential local partners.

Case 5 - Business events

We excel at organizing all types of business events, for instance, conferences, project roadshows, opening ceremonies, celebration dinners, workshops and etc. Here we share an example, in 2009, we organized the Sino-Dutch Economic and Trade Summit in the Netherlands. CBCE brought a delegation of 92 high-level Chinese entrepreneurs attend this event. It was the first time in the Dutch history, that it was allowed to hold a large-scale banquet at the Ridderzaal (Hall of Knights) for business purposes.

Since the year of 2003, our founder Maja Sun has been co-organizing the largest Chinese New Year celebration in the Netherlands, which has been attracting thousands of people every year. So far, this official celebration has become an annual festival in The Hague and has turned into a platform and occasion for Chinese and Dutch business people to meet each other.

Case 6 - Cultural events

Case 4 - European technology transfer

CBCE helped a Chinese client connect with a Spanish tech company and negotiate a transfer of its world-leading garbage disposal technology to China. During the negotiation and implementation, nothing is small, in this case, in terms of sophisticated technology, translation played a huge role, an ordinary interpreter could not make sure both parties can understand each other properly. Realizing this problem, CBCE tackled it. After a few years, the Chinese company successfully set up a factory in Shandong province using new technologies.

Case 1 - FDI service

Since 2005, CBCE has been starting to help Chinese companies invest in Europe, and assisted them in terms of feasibility research, market research and etc., hand in hand helped them go through the pre-landing, landing and after-landing procedure. An example here, CBCE helped a famous Chinese medicine group conduct a 7-month due diligence of the Dutch market before its landing. After the due diligence, we managed the whole process of setting up the local entity and assisted with other administrative issues. Besides, we also managed its daily operations and created a new developing strategy. Their landing was a success. When the specified goals were accomplished, we assisted to find a local director who initiated its subsequent scale-up.
Since 2004, we have been working on international procurement as a representative of several department stores, mainly in Nordic countries, to precure directly from Chinese factories. As there is a minimal quantity order requirement from these factories, single buyers find it difficult to fulfill the requirement. Therefore, to solve this problem, we mixed the orders from our buyers and also employed shared containers, thus, we made it possible for small Nordic buyers to procure directly from Chinese factories with better prices.

Case 2 - International procurement