China's plant-based milk trend

Chinese plant-based milk market has been estimated to reach 258.3 billion RMB (33.1 billion Euro) in 2020, which takes up 24.2% of the whole beverage market, according to Euromonitor International, oat milk is the main driving source among plant-based milk!

St Hubert, a French oat milk brand that has entered the Chinese market in 2019, not only launched their new product ‘French oat milk’ recently, but also did a co-branding cooperation with a Chinese coffee brand Yong Pu, as ‘oat milk + coffee’ is a new trend in China.

Besides, St Hubert also co-branded with a Chinese plant-based meat brand Plant Professor, ‘oat milk with plant-based dumplings’ consists a light and healthy meal.
The inspiration of co-branding for St. Hubert is that they could penetrate their target group by leveraging consumer demands and consumer scenarios, coffee and vegetarian consumer group is the easiest group to be converted as their own consumers.

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