’Tech empowering education'

The founder of Codepku, Hao Xianglin gave a keynote speech about how 3D games can empower K12 education, as Codepku has been developing 3D coding education products by applying 3D technology in the education sector.

Another insight speech from the founder of Vision Talk, Huang Yong, was about how they applied visual tech for 'at home reading' for kids from the kindergartens and primary schools. The company strives to improve the reading and learning efficiency for children.
Recently, the ’Tech empowering education’ seminar was co-organized by our partner in the education sector in China, IMConsultancy in Shenzhen. This event brought together high-quality education companies from Southern China in the fields of AI education, K12 education, digital education, and similar. In-depth discussions were conducted about tech empowering education and the digital future of education.

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