Our insights

The Chocolate market
🍫 Do you know how much the chocolate consumption per capita per year in China is?
SINA Voetballab to China
We are proud to pronounce that we partner up with SINA Voetballab to bring SIMUST to China.
The China Start Program
It is our great honour to become partner of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business's China Start.
Functional drinks trend
🥤 Functional drinks has been the fastest-growing subcategory in the Chinese beverage market!
China's plant-based milk trend
Chinese plant-based milk market has been estimated to reach 258.3 billion RMB (33.1 billion Euro) in 2020.
Cross-industry collaboration
‘There are new opportunities in the hospitality industry in China, cross-industry collaboration is one of them!‘
China's EdTech market
Each Thursday CBCE will introduce new business trends and models in China🔍European EdTech entrepreneurs.
Live-streaming marketing
From Chinese marketing practices to the newest business trends in China and our own projects, CBCE is excited to share with you all the insights!